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Using Gmail

Gmail appeared to be a great service simply because of reliability. I signed up as I wanted to stop hosting email on our servers.

I learned the following nasty things about gmail. It really was a painful experience.

Bad experience #1. My Android (Evo 4G) would not keep any email. Once an email arrived in the mail box, it would get deleted – right away. Sometimes it would allow me to open it up sometimes not. Having emails delivered to the phone was the main reason I switched to a “smart phone”. I used to have a Sprint air card which I abandoned with the advent of the Evo 4G. For about 4 months I had no email to my phone. It started with Froyo, everything was fine before that. So I scour the web. Many complaints, no clear answer. Maybe Froyo was not quite ready, so I wait for the new update. The update made no difference. So I call HTC, they tell me that deleting emails from the phone was a feature. I was dumbstruck and upset about it. Stonewalling the customers is not a good thing. HTC did not play nice. I call Sprint, and they told me they had no idea of such complaint. Yeah right. What would a business lose if they were honest? The web was full of complaints by this time. It just happened that one of my customers was a Sprint techie. He must’ve been high up in the chain as he was able to call Sprint right away and have access to their very ‘NOC’ center, the “IT’” place. I thought my problem was fixed just by talking to them. After two weeks they told me they had no answer. So time goes by. Frustrated and disappointed I went back to the web. After more research, I heard someone say that he had IMAP and he had no problem. Ha! I went straight to the settings, switched the account from POP to IMAP and voila! Ouch! HTC downgraded. Sprint downgraded. Blame Google. Do no evil.

Bad experience #2. Emails would download selectively. Amazingly, I would never know with confidence that I received an email to my Outlook client unless I checked the account online.  I concluded that Google wanted to make me dependent on the browser and on their cloud servers. How insidious of Google to do so! How prejudiced of me. Would you be happy if it happened to you for a paid service? Emails with attachment would be more likely not to make it. But not all of them. Today I decided to research on it. Not after long I found the solution. When setting up the desktop client to use Google account, prefix the user name with the word recent: and a colon. Unbelievable! Is this a hack!? How would anybody know. After 15 years of email experience, never did I come across such requirement. Blame Google. Do no evil.

What other things I don’t like about Gmail? The constant nagging that email in Gmail is never truly deleted and kept there for eternity for Google’s delight. Also, Google being a data mining company, is scanning my emails and gives me content aware ads on the same page. Ads on a paid service? I am ambivalent about Google’s Gmail service and when my account needs renewal, I will re-evaluate the service.

What do I like about Gmail? Just trying to be fair, I appreciate that they provide a reliable service, certainly more so than my own server. Price wise, it is the same as running my own server too. We’re good there. I’m happy the way aliases can be set up with accounts. That’s about it.

What then would I recommend? A paid service for sure, at a specialized company that makes money not in advertizing but in hosting.

I hope this is helpful to someone that is searching online for similar problems. Send me an email if you have any question. Maybe Google will send it to me.

P.S. I noticed that since I added recent: to the username, I’m getting duplicate emails to Outlook AND to my Android phone. All right, it looks I’m going to get busy with Bad Experience #3. Stay tuned. Do no evil.